Are there any side-effects to Viagra?

As any other medication, Viagra has its side-effects as well. Many people skip this information as not so relevant, but it is, in fact, relevant. Although most of the patients do not experience any side-effects, it is quite useful to know what just might happen after taking a pill, so as to be in control of the situation if any undesired consequence follows.

Some general side-effects that usually occur are dizziness, diarrhea, flushing, headache, heartburn, upset stomach or even stuffy nose. However, there are some more serious effects that it can have on your body.

Regarding your vascular system and heart, it can cause the rhythm of you heart to increase, which is usually followed by heavy pounding. And if you had any alcohol previous to the intercourse, the feeling gets stronger. So, in case you notice that your heart beats unusually fast in moments like this, you should stop and relax, and let your body calm down, for if you continue straining your body and your vascular system, consequences can eve be fatal.

As regards your nervous system, some slightly serious side-effects can be depression, decreased reflexes, sleeplessness, anxiety, loss of sensors… However, temporary memory loss ad seizures are the most severe ones. You might want to inform your partner about this, in order that they can help you in a proper way and that they be less distressed.

When it comes to the respiratory system, the only more serious problem that can occur is asthma, but it is only temporarily, and with no serious consequences. Anyway, you should inform your doctor about it, because maybe the dosage is not right for you.

As for the digestive system, the side-effects are not so sever, but they are rather disturbing since they can be painful and very uncomfortable. Some of these are bleeding in the rectum, abdominal pain, gastritis, and infection of the tongue. The smartest thing to do is not panic, and get to the doctor’s as soon as possible.

Viagra can have side-effects on your muscular system also. What’s more, it can cause pain in your bones or even arthritis. Muscle weakness and rupture of tendon are also included.

Some of the not so serious consequences that it can have on your argental system are urinary tract infections, inability to achieve orgasm, or even breast enlargement. However, the one that can most detrimental to your health is long and painful erection that can last even 4-6 hours. In case this happens, you should instantly look for help either from your doctor or from the nearest medical institution.

Nevertheless, although all these side-effects really sound terrifying, you should not be upset since they only occur in 2.5% of patients and most of them do not fall into the category of the severe ones.

Of course, Viagra has positive effects apart from the immediate enhancement. In fact, thanks to your subconscious, you will become more self-confident and in time maybe even reach a natural erection not having to use any pills.

Cialis and Dapoxetine

Maybe you have tried this combination before and maybe you have not. In a any case, if you are wondering whether it is safe to use – not only is it safe, but it is also considered an extremely powerful combination which can take you sky-high. In fact, it has become an approved drug and its name is actually Cialis with Dapoxetine.

Most of you know that Cialis is used in the treatment of erectile or sexual dysfunction of men, which is a condition when a man cannot get erection. Dapoxetine, on the other hand, treats another kind of condition which is premature ejaculation. This can be really frustrating for both the man and his partner for sometimes it can take no longer than two minutes from the moment of penetration for a man to ejaculate. Anyway, imagine what effects these two drugs can produce when combined together.

However, in order to use this drug you have to make sure that you really suffer from a sexual dysfunction or premature ejaculation. There are some cases when it is only temporary or due to psychological factors like work related stress. In that case, you do not need any medications and all and in case you still take some, they will probably not be of much help to you.

Anyway, once you and your doctor have established that you do suffer from these conditions, it is time for you to get started with your treatment. Of course, Cialis with Dapoxetine comes in pills and it is taken orally once a day with a glass of water. Food will not affect it, so it does not matter whether you take the dug with or without it. The usual recommendation is to take your pill 30-60 minutes before sex. Since this is not a medication that cures the conditions but only temporarily disables the conditions they occur in, it is not necessary that you take the drug on a daily basis. However, do not take more than the doctor prescribed to you for you might cause some side-effects to occur.

Speaking about the side-effects, Cialis with Dapoxetine has some also, just like any other medicine. Some of them, which are very rare, might need swift medical help. These are usually some allergic reactions like itching or skin rash, heavy breathing or irregular heartbeat. However, it is not very likely for them to occur. A bit more common ones are also less serious and these include headache, flushing, upset stomach or stuffy nose. Anyway, if you follow the prescription from your doctor, the chances that some these might happen to you are extremely low.

To sum up, Cialis with Dapoxetine is a truly strong medication. However, in order for you to enjoy it, you will first have to be sure that you really suffer from some sexual dysfunction. Otherwise, it will be of no use to you. So consult your doctor, get your own prescription for Cialis with Dapoxetine and you will be extremely thankful for the following experiences that are about to happen.

Cialis vs. Viagra

Here we have the two most famous and most competing drugs. They both have many benefits, but the question is which of them has more advantages over the other. Cialis is much younger than Viagra. It was presented on the market ten years after the introduction of its opponent. This, however, does not mean that it is less effective or that it has fewer benefits. So let us have a look at these two and see what the advantages and disadvantages of each are.

As we know, these drugs are used in treating erectile or sexual dysfunction, and both of them work in the same way. They prevent the secretion of enzymes which inhibit the production of hormones which enable the erection. Thus they relax the muscles around the penis letting the blood flow enter it and the also help the hormones responsible for maintaining erection stay longer in the penis. Since the name of the enzyme that disables the production of ‘good’ hormones is PDE-5 (phosphodiesterase type 5), both Cialis and Viagra are called PDE-5 inhibitors.

As regards the side-effects these two can produce, the differences are only slight and not too significant. With Cialis, muscle pain has been reported, while Viagra causes blue-vision several hours after taking it. This is the point of the difference; they share the rest of the side-effects and some of these are headache, face flushing and stuffy nose.

Further on, we come to the most important point that differentiates the two of these drugs, and that is the longevity of their effectiveness. As far as this is concerned, Cialis is by far the winner. In fact, the time period during which it can reach the top of its effectiveness is 36 hours. This is the reason why it is usually called “the weekender”. So if you take it in the evening, you won’t have to take until the day after tomorrow. On the other hand, Viagra’ effectiveness lasts only up to four hours.

When after this we consider the dosages they come in, the conclusion follows that with less concentration of the medicine itself, Cialis produces much longer effects. Cialis comes in doses of 2.5mg, 5mg, 10mg and 20mg, while Viagra comes in 25mg, 50mg and 100mg doses. You can see for yourself the advantage that Cialis here has over Viagra.

When it comes to the question of cost, the prices of both are more or less the same, and if they differ it is a matter of cents.

To sum up, although these two share many similarities, Cialis by far exceeds Viagra in the most important aspects and those are performance, effectiveness and endurance. Taking into account that they will both cost you almost the same amount of money, choose wisely and opt for the one that will give you more pleasure and longer weekends. Cialis will, for sure, keep its promise and make you and your partner satisfied and thankful for the time that you two have spent together.

What dosages does Cialis come in?

Being one of the safest and most effective drugs, Cialis is most commonly used when it comes to treating erectile dysfunction or even BPH (benign prostate hyperplasia). There are another two drugs with somewhat similar quality of effectiveness; however, Cialis is the fastest one and it has been proven that some men can experience its benefits even in the course of the next 36 hours after taking the medicine. There are four doses that it comes in and these are 2.5mg dose, 5mg dose, 10mg dose and 20 mg dose.

Anyway, there are two ways in which you can use Cialis, depending on what you want and need. It can be taken regularly, on a daily basis, or it can be taken occasionally, when needed. In case you want to be ready at any time, then the regular usage is recommended. Your doctor will probably prescribe you one of the two lower doses, and it is usually the 2.5mg dose. On the other hand, if you do not want to be bothered but the necessity to take your pills every day, you can opt for the other way. In this case the prescribed dosage is higher, and it is usually the 10mg dose.

However, it might happen that the prescribed dosage will not work for you or, on the other hand, that it is too strong for you; in either case talk to your doctor. They will then adjust the dosage and you will able to enjoy all the pleasure that Cialis may bring. Anyway, if you want to start with your Cialis treatment, it is not really recommended to start on your own for the mere reason that your doctor is most capable to decide on the dose that is specially suitable for you. With the help of some tests and questions you will end up with what is best for you.

It is also important that you know that taking double dosages or more than that will not result in even better experiences than you have already had with your recommended dose. It will only leave more space for the side-effects to occur. These are not severe and will not bring any permanent damage to your health, but they can be really unpleasant and annoying, and sometimes even embarrassing. So before thinking of anything like this, bear in mind the possible consequences that will possible occur.

All in all, these four doses that Cialis comes in are perfectly adequate to satisfy the needs of any man who suffers from these truly malevolent conditions. It is upon you to decide how you want to take it – on a daily basis or only when you need it. From then on, your doctor will give you all the necessary directions optimized to suit yours and your body’s needs. Make sure to always inform your doctor if you happen to find that your dosage does not work for you. Anyway, follow the instructions and enjoy the satisfaction with Cialis.

Study Shows Cialis Improves Couple Satisfaction

Study Shows Cialis Improves Couple SatisfactionMillions of couples will vouch that Cialis improves their sex lives – but now there is a study to back it up. In a study by the European Urology Association, patients given a PDE5 inhibitor reported increased satisfaction during sex. What is remarkable about the study is that both the men and their female counterparts reported having greater satisfaction during sex.

It seems obvious that a pill for erectile dysfunction would help couples enjoy sex better. First off, many couples would not even be able to have sex at all because without Cialis because of chronic impotency problems. However, many people don’t realize that not all ED pills are the same.

When the first ED pill Viagra was still in its testing phase, the studies were only looking for improvements in erection. In this sense, Viagra was very effective. However, the studies did not calculate how many men were actually able to have successful penetration because of Viagra. Thus, Viagra does not necessarily mean better sexual satisfaction. Many of the men who had “success” with Viagra weren’t actually able to have sex. When Cialis was being tested though, scientists took a very different approach.

Instead of just testing Cialis for improvement in erection, the studies looked for whether or not the men were able to have successful penetration. So, the “success” rates of Cialis mean something very different than with Viagra. Most men taking Cialis are able to have sex and also climax. Cialis also shortens the time between erections, making it possible to have sex more than once in an evening. Since Cialis is also effective for about 36 hours, many men are able to successfully have sex the next day as well.
 Study Shows Cialis Improves Couple Satisfaction

Having satisfaction during sex isn’t just a matter of being able to physically perform the act though. For men who have had ED for long periods of time, getting “back into the game” can be intimidating. They often fear that their penis may not become erect when the time is right, even with the ED medication. These psychological factors can greatly impede enjoyment during sex for both partners.

What is interesting is that couples report increasingly better sexual satisfaction with Cialis. The first time a couple uses Ciails, they may have not have significant satisfaction. However, as they continue to use the medicine to aid in sexual activity, their levels of satisfaction increase. This is no doubt due to the fact that the ED fears wear off once couples realize how effective Cialis can be. The stronger, longer-lasting erections from Cialis can also improve penis health because more blood is being brought to the penile cells. So, ED pills like Ciails can really improve sexual satisfaction on both a physical and psychological level.

Viagra – Fighting Impotence in the Short Term

Fighting impotence in the short term is one of the greatest things that you can imagine a man doing for the sake of his relationship and his partner. For men who do not spend their time getting over impotence early on, there are significant gaps in the relationship where sexual intercourse used to be paramount. The lack of emotional connection and intimacy leads to greater problems in the short term and overall, people are just not nearly as happy as they would otherwise be. In the following article, we will describe some of the short term issues that you can take care of using the Viagra pill to your advantage.

Viagra and Short Term Impotence

Impotence can have a real and negative impact on the way that you lead your life if you are not doing things properly. In the short term, it is a good idea for you to focus on getting rid of the impotence with the help of the Viagra pill. If you do not do this, there is a risk that you will have problems with your relationship and you will be potentially thrown out by your partner. You do not under any circumstances want to have a relationship break down because you were unable to get the short term impotence under control with the use of Viagra.

There is nothing worse than not taking Viagra and realizing your relationship could be going in the wrong direction. Therefore, make sure you contact your doctor immediately to determine what the right dosage is for your problem and determine whether or not it is even safe for you to take the pills. Once this is done, you can take your ride over to the pharmacy and get the pills that will change your life.

At the end of the day, it is important to realize that changing your life can be as easy as you make it out to be. Do not make anything seem harder than it is without taking the opportunity to use Viagra or some similar drug in order to correct your problem. At the end of the day, it is important for you to focus on getting things taken care of the right way so that you are not focused on the wrong types of things. Make sure you are focused on these types of things and you will have a better life in the short term for sure.

Are You Falling Short of Testosterone?

Testosterone is the male sex hormone responsible for bestowing functions like muscular body, greater bone density, deep voice, hairy bodies, increased sweat glands, sexual prowess and aggression. In short, testosterone is responsible for making them men. Testosterone levels rise at puberty and grant men their secondary sexual characteristics. However, due to various reasons, young men fall short of testosterone, leading to impotence.

Impotence causes failure to reproduce. While this may be embarrassing for men, more and more men are opening up to this problem. There are a number of reasons for this such as obesity, hormonal disturbances, infections, very high iron levels, congenital problems like the Klinefelter syndrome and Kallmann syndrome or mechanical damage to the testes. Use of anabolic steroids also causes decline in testosterone levels.

Apart from diminished libido, lack of testosterone also causes erectile dysfunction, mental fog, depression, loss of muscle mass, increase in abdominal fat, osteoporosis and insomnia.

There are many treatments for this hormonal deficit. Some of them are intramuscular injections, scrotal and back patches, and oral pills. The Fsc Horny Goats Weed Herbal Complex is a very effective supplement that helps raise testosterone levels naturally and safely. It is proven to boost muscle growth, libido and manly aggression. This supplement is free from gluten, milk, yeast, sodium, artificial colors or preservatives and also fit for vegetarians. Many people testify to the fact that it is a superb libido enhancer pill.